Best Paper Awards

Best Student Paper Award Winners:

  • SDSF February 25th 2014A Model for Estimating Agile Project Process and Schedule Acceleration by Dan Ingold
  • SDSF December 4th 2014Controlling for Framing Effects in Multi-Stakeholder Trade-space Exploration by Matthew Fitzgerald
  • SDSF December 3rd 2015A Model Based Systems Engineering Methodology for Employing Architecture in System Analysis: Developing Simulation Models Using Systems Modeling Language Products to Link Architecture and Analysis by Paul Beery.
  • SDSF November 17, 2016 Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes by Eren Sakinc
  • SDSF November 7, 2017 A Predictive Analysis Framework For Six Degrees of Freedom Vibration Qualification by Davina Rizzo