New Project Incubator 2017 – 2018

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Jon Wade, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:  June 2017 through June 2018

Category: Multi



The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) performs research on 18-20 active tasks on well-defined topics that are aligned with the SERC’s research strategy.  While this research has great potential to have a transformative impact on systems engineering in both DoD and the intelligence community, it is also important to identify and nurture new ideas that may become the critical research programs for emerging challenges.


The SERC shall develop at least six short white papers outlining research programs with a significant potential to improve the practice of engineering systems.  The SERC shall bundle these white papers into a technical report to be delivered at the end of the task.  These white papers should allow the DoD to explore a diversity of innovative research ideas at a minimal cost.

The overall value of the white papers will be judged on several criteria: intellectual merit, clarity of the vision, past performance of the investigators, and the strategic impact on the SERC and DoD, to include taking full advantage of the SERC’s multi-disciplinary research capabilities.  Of particular interest to the DoD is research focused on:

  • Flexible and adaptable systems and processes
  • Program protection, systemic security, and trust
  • Digital engineering and architecting for innovation
  • Systems engineering for DoD’s next generation of cyber-physical-human-learning systems

The white papers should describe the long terms goals of the research program and the approach to achieving these goals.  The white papers should provide a rough estimate of the resources necessary to execute the program.  Development of the whitepapers will not require the purchase of equipment, nor any journal, book or membership expenses.

In addition to the white papers, the SERC shall conduct up to three workshops focused on DoD’s research interests.



Over 30 Proposals were submitted out of which 7 selected as Incubator Proposals. Three proposed projects were selected for full funding

  • ESoS Model for Digital Thread Enabled Acquisition
  • Next Generation Adaptive Cyber-Physical Human Systems
  • Approaches to Achieve Benefits of Modularity in Defense Acquisition


Publications: none to date

Research Team

Research Team:

  • Jon Wade, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • David Coe, University of Alabama Huntsville
  • Paul Grogan, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Azad Madni, University of Southern California
  • Karen Marais, Purdue University
  • Tom McDermott, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Gary Witus, Wayne State University
  • Lu Xiao, Stevens Institute of Technology

Incubator Day 2017

On September 6, 2017, SERC hosted the Incubator Day in Washington, DC focused on the progress of the Incubator Proposals to provide feedback, identify potential transitions, and evaluate if further research should be conducted.

View the presentations from the event here.

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