Strategic Planning Science and Technology Portfolio

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Robin Dillon-Merrill, Georgetown University (

Collaborator(s):  University of Alabama in Huntsville

Timeframe:  May 2014 to May 2015


Objective:  Research is needed to develop, synthesize, and validate principles for formulating and executing a strategic plan for science and technology development, with the goal of enhancing the capability of the DoD’s acquisition workforce.

Approach:  The research will be conducted in four phases:

    • Phase I: Identify Relevant Strategic Planning and S&T Portfolio Development Content.
    • Phase II: Course Teaching Content Development
    • Phase III: Exercises and Case Study Development
    • Phase IV: Research Pilots and Revisions

Application:  Research findings will be incorporated into a newly developed course at the Defense Acquisition University


Major Deliverables:


Publications:  none to date

Research Team


  • Dr. Robin Dillon-Merrill, Georgetown University
  • David Arterburn, University of Alabama – Huntsville
  • Paul Collopy, Unversity of Alabama – Huntsville

Collaborating Institutions

Project Researchers