Annual SERC Research Review, SERC Sponsor Research Review and Doctoral Fellows Forum

questions stillThe Annual SERC Research Review (ASRR) showcases the research capabilities of the SERC collaborating universities.  It is an opportunity to learn first-hand about current and planned SERC projects, about the many research interests of the SERC collaborators, and to meet dozens of faculty who are conducting research.  Through such interaction, we hope to better understand the sponsor needs and to strengthen and focus the community of systems engineering researchers on projects and research that provide practical value.

IMG_0112In 2012, this annual event was reformatted and renamed the SERC Sponsor Research Review (SSRR) as a one-day, sponsor-focused event held in Washington, DC.  This event unites the government, industry, and university systems engineering research community in order to share research progress and discuss the most challenging systems engineering issues facing the Department of Defense (DoD) as well as other federal departments and agencies.  Since its inception as a University Affiliated Research Center (UARC), the SERC research strategy has evolved to incorporate four key areas:  Enterprise Systems and Systems of Systems, Trusted Systems, Systems Engineering and Management Transformation, and Human Capital Development.  The SSRR program and sessions focus on the research results that we have achieved in each of these key areas.

11/17/2016SERC Sponsor Research Review 2016 (SSRR)
11/16/2016SERC Doctoral Students Forum 2016 (SDSF)
12/3/2015SERC Sponsor Research Review 2015 (SSRR)
12/2/2015SERC Doctoral Students Forum 2015 (SDSF)
12/4/2014SERC Sponsor Research Review 2014 (SSRR)
12/3/2014SERC Doctoral Fellows Forum 2014 (DFF)
2/25/2014 SERC Sponsor Research Review 2013 (SSRR)
2/24/2014 SERC Doctoral Fellows Forum 2013 (DFF)
11/13/2012 SERC Sponsor Research Review 2012 (SSRR)
10/5/2011 - 10/6/2011 Annual SERC Research Review 2011 (ASRR)
11/9/2010 - 11/10/2010 Annual SERC Research Review 2010 (ASRR)
10/15/2009 - 10/16/2009 Annual SERC Research Review 2009 (ASRR)