SERC Sponsor Research Review 2013

5th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review
February 25, 2014
Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center,
Salon DG,
Washington, DC


Main Research Review Sessions:  8:00am – 5:30 PM
SERC Executive Advisory Board (EAB) Meeting:
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Collaborator Reception:  6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The one-day SERC event will bring together the SERC sponsor community and the SERC teams conducting more than a dozen research projects.  Sponsors will articulate their challenges and aspirations for the SERC. SERC research collaborators will lead in-depth reviews of both ongoing and planned research efforts.  This exchange will enable SERC sponsors to better understand and influence SERC research projects, inform SERC researchers about sponsor needs, and encourage sponsors to actively participate in projects and adopt SERC research products.

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8:00a – 8:45a Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:45a – 9:00a Welcome
Dr. Spiros Dimolitsas, Senior Vice President for Research & Chief Technology Officer, Georgetown University

Sponsor Perspective and Challenges

9:00a – 9:30a Keynote Address, Q&A
Mr. Alan R. Shaffer, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and SERC Sponsor
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State of the SERC

9:30a – 9:45a SERC Progress and Strategic Direction
Dr. Dinesh Verma, SERC Executive Director and Dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises, Stevens Institute of Technology
9:45a-10:00a 2014-18 SERC Technical Plan
Jon Wade SERC Chief Technology Officer and Associate Dean of Research, School of Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute of TechnologyDownload Presentation
10:00a – 10:30a Networking Break and Opportunity to View SERC Project Posters

Research Reviews:  Two parallel tracks with 40-minute sessions providing in-depth discussions on SERC research projects

Time Human Capital Development,
Salon DG
SE and Systems Management Transformation,
Salon E
10:30a – 11:10a SE Body of Knowledge and Graduate Curriculum:
Dr. Dave Olwell, Naval Postgraduate School
Download Presentation andHelix – “DNA” of Systems Engineers:

Deva Henry, Stevens
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Ilities Tradespace and Affordability:
Prof. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California 
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11:15a – 11:55a Engineering Capstone Marketplace:
Dr. Mark Ardis, Stevens 
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Interactive Model-Centric SE:
Dr. Adam Ross, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
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12:00p – 12:30p    LUNCH (Catered Sandwich Bar) and Opportunity to View SERC Project Posters

12:30p – 12:30pm Keynote Address, Q&A
Mr. Stephen P. Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
1:00p – 1:40p Experience Accelerator:
Dr. Jon Wade, Stevens 
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Agile and Lean/Kanban SE
Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens 
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Time Enterprise and Systems of Systems, Salon DG Trusted Systems, Salon E
1:45p – 2:25p Enterprise SE & Modeling:
Dr. Bill Rouse, Stevens 
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Trust under Uncertainty –
Quantitative Risk:
Dr. Gary Witus, Wayne State  University 
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2:30p – 3:10p SoS Analysis pt. 1:
Dr. Dan DeLaurentis, Purdue University 
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Systemic Security:
Dr. Rick A. Jones. University of Virginia 
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3:15p – 3:55p SoS Analysis pt. 2:
Dr. Cihan Dagli, Missouri S&T University
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Systemic Assurance:
Dr. Bill Scherlis, Carnegie Mellon University
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4:00p – 4:10p    Networking Break and Opportunity to View SERC Project Posters
Panel & Executive Advisory Board

4:15p – 5:30p Executive Advisory Board (by invitation only) – Salon E   

Chair:  Ms. Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering

4:15p – 5:30p Panel on Networked Research and Education – Salon DG
Chair: Dr. Bill Rouse; Panelists: Dr. Dan DeLaurentis, Dr. Dave Olwell, Dr. Bill ScherlisDownload Presentation

Best Student Paper Award, Salon DG

5:30p – 5:45p  First Annual SERC Best Paper Award

Dan Ingold, University of Southern California


6:15p – 8:00p Reception – Location:  Georgetown University Hotel and Conference Center, Faculty Club B Restaurant (5:45p-8:00p)



Human Capital Development
Experience Accelerator
Helix Project

Enterprise and System of Systems (ESOS)
Assessing Development Disruptions and Dependencies in Analysis of Alternatives of Systems
Enterprise Systems Analysis
Requirements for Net-Centric Enterprises

Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation (SEMT)
Enterprise Architecting Tradespace Analysis
Graphical CONOPS
Kanban Scheduling Systems
The Incremental Commitment Spiral Model
SysML Cost Modeling
Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Based Systems Engineering