SERC Sponsor Research Review 2014

6th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review

Thursday, December 4, 2014GUSoCS.Atrium
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hosted by: Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies
640 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington, DC 20001

This one-day event will highlight more than a dozen ongoing SERC research projects, many of which are ready for pilot use and early transition to practice. Researchers from many SERC collaborating universities will discuss their research, highlight results, and discuss opportunities for government agencies and others to participate in their projects. Those from government, FFRDCs, national laboratories, and industry are welcome to join SERC researchers and students for a lively exchange of ideas.

For more information, please contact Mitchell Kerman at or Doris Schultz at

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Registration, Breakfast and Welcome
8:45a–9:00a Welcome
Sponsor Perspective and Challenges
9:00a–9:30a Keynote Address 

Mr. Stephen P. Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
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State of the SERC
9:30a–9:45a SERC Progress and Strategic Direction 

Dr. Dinesh Verma, SERC Executive Director and Dean of the School of Systems and Enterprises, Steven Institute of Technology

Color Key
Human Capital Development SE and Systems Management Transformation
Enterprise and Systems of Systems Trusted Systems
Research Reviews: Four parallel tracks with 40-minute sessions providing in-depth discussions on SERC research projects
10:00a–10:45a Helix – Understanding How to Develop Effective Systems Engineers

Art Pyster, Stevens
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Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering

Adam Ross, MIT
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ilities Tradespace andAffordability Project (ITAP)

Barry Boehm, USC
Russell Peak, GTRI
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Progress Towards an Analytic Workbench for System of Systems Architectures

Dan DeLaurentis, Karen Marais, Purdue
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10:45a–11:30a Career Development Model

Michael Pennotti, Stevens
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iTAP Methods, Processes and Tools

Ray Madachy, NPS
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David Jacques, AFIT

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iTAP Formal Foundations and Set-Based Design

Kevin Sullivan UVa
Michael A. Yukish, Penn State
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Embracing Complexity in System of Systems Architecting Flexible Intelligent Learning Architectures for System of Systems

Cihan Dagli, Missouri
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11:30a–12:15p Technical Leadership
Michael Pennotti, Stevens
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Systems Engineering Expert Knowledge (SEEK)

David Olwell, NPS; Forrest J. Shull, SEI, CMU

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Transforming Systems Engineering through a Holistic Approach to Model Centric Engineering
Mark Blackburn, Stevens
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Agile in Systems Engineering
Richard Turner, Stevens
Ye Yang, Stevens

Kanban in SE: KSS Experimental Value Analysis System (KEVAS) 

Richard Turner, Stevens

Alexey Tregubov, USC
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Enterprise Systems AnalysisChris Gaffney, Stevens
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12:45p- 1:15p Keynote Address

Mr. Alan R. Shaffer, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering and SERC Sponsor

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1:15p- 1:30p Best Student Paper Award

Matthew Fitzgerald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Controlling for Framing Effects in Multi-Stakeholder Tradespace Exploration

1:30p–2:15p Capstone Marketplace

Michael DeLorme, Stevens

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Engineered Resilient Systems: Tradespace Tools

Tommer Ender, GTRI
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Quantitative Risk Analysis and
Set-Based Design

Gary Witus, Wayne State
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Model-Based Decision Support for Systems-Aware Cybersecurity

Peter A. Beling,University of Virginia

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2:15p–3:00p Experience Accelerator

Jon Wade, Stevens

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Development and Application of FACT Portfolio Management Capability

Daniel Browne, GTRI
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Strategic Planning and Science and Technology (S&T) Portfolio Development

Robin Dillon-Merrill,Georgetown University
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Systemic Assurance

William Scherlis, Carnegie Mellon University

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Panel & Executive Advisory Board
4:00p–5:30p Panel on Research Transition Success Stories 
Chair: Dr. Jon Wade (Stevens)

Panelists:  Mr. Tom McNellis (Lockheed Martin)

Dr. Brian Sauser (University of North Texas)

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Dr. Robin Poston (University of Memphis)

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Mr. Albert “Benjie” Spencer Jr. (NOAA/NWS Office of S&T)

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Dr. James (Jim) Providakes (MITRE)

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Executive Advisory Board (by invitation only)

Chair: Ms. Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering


Human Capital Development (HCD)

Helix Project

Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation (SEMT)

Development & Application of FACT Portfolio Management Capability 

Development & Application of FACT to Support USMC GV Analysis

Improving System Affordability during Requirements Elicitation: Bridging Theory and Practice

SysML Building Blocks for Cost Modeling

Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Centric Engineering 

Using Model-Based System Engineering to Develop Automated and Cost-Effective Access to Supply Chain Analysis

Virtual Collaborative Environment for Conducting Project Design and Tests

Enterprise and System of Systems (ESOS)

Assessing Development Disruptions and Dependencies in Analysis of Alternatives of Systems

Enterprise Systems Analysis

Flexible and Intelligent Learning Architectures for System-of-Systems (FILA-SoS)