SERC Sponsor Research Review 2016

8th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review

Thursday, November 17, 2016
8:00 am – 5:15 pm
Hosted by: 20 F Street NW Conference Center
20 F Street,  NW, Washington, DC 20001

For the 8th Annual SERC Sponsor Research Review (SSRR), more than twenty SERC research tasks were presented among government sponsors, collaborating SERC researchers and members of industry to discuss the impact of the research on the landscape of Systems Engineering. Utilizing the state-of-the-art conference facility, 20 F Street NW Conference Center located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, the event highlighted results of SERC research projects, many of which are ready for pilot use and early transition to practice, and potential opportunities for government agencies and others to participate in the projects and their application.

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Registration, Breakfast and Welcome
8:00a–9:00a Registration
Continental Breakfast
9:00a–9:050a Welcome (Conference Room AB)

Dr. Barry Boehm, Chief Scientist, SERC and Chair, SERC Research Council

Sponsor Perspective and Challenges
9:05a–9:10a Keynote Address (Conference Room AB) 

Ms. Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy
Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for System Engineering

State of the SERC
9:10a–9:35a SERC Progress and Strategic Direction, SERC Doctoral Fellows Program Update, Research Transition Partners, and Best Student Paper Award Presentation (Conference Room AB)

Dr. Dinesh Verma, SERC Executive Director, SERC                                                                                       Download Presentation

Dr. Jim Providakes, Director of MITRE Systems Engineering Technical Center                                      Download Presentation

9:35a–10:00a Morning Keynote Address (Conference Room AB) 

Dr. Stephen Cross, Executive Vice President for Research, Georgia Institute of Technology

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10:00a–10:15a Transition Break
Research Reviews: Four parallel tracks with 40-minute sessions providing in-depth discussions on SERC research projects
 Color Key Track #1: SE and Management Transformation Track #2: Enterprise and Systems of Systems Track #3: Trusted; Critical & Resilient Systems Track #4: Human Capital Development
10:15a–11:00a Transforming Systems Engineering through Model-Centric Engineering

Mark Blackburn, Stevens

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System of Systems Analytic Workbench

Karen Marais, Purdue

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Systemic Assurance

Bill Scherlis, CMU

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Workforce Evolution (Helix)

Nicole Hutchison, Stevens

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11:00a–11:45a Interactive Model-Centric System Engineering

Donna Rhodes, MIT
Adam Ross, MIT


Enterprise Analysis

Michael Pennock, Stevens

Security Engineering – FY16 Systems Aware Cybersecurity

Peter Beling, UVa

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Leadership Development Framework for the Technical Acquisition Workforce

Wilson Felder and Kathie Duliba, Stevens

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11:45a–12:30p Formal Methods in Resilient Systems Design using a Flexible Contract Approach

Azad Madni, USC

Investigating Approaches to Achieve Modularity Benefits in the Acquisition Ecosystem

Dan DeLaurentis and Navin Davendralingam, Purdue

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Cybersecurity for System of Systems Architectures

Rod Summers, Auburn

SE Capstone Marketplace

Megan Clifford, Stevens

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12:30p–1:00p Lunch (Catered) and Opportunity to View SERC Project Posters
1:00p-1:30p Lunchtime Keynote Address (Conference Room AB) 

Dr. Andrew Russell, Professor and Dean of Arts & Sciences, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

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1:30p-1:45p Transition Break

System Qualities (SQs) Tradespace and Affordability

Barry Boehm, USC

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Application of Portfolio Management Techniques to Software-Heavy Systems of Systems

Danny Browne, Georgia Tech

Electronic Product Data Management (ePDM) Methods, Processes, and Tools

Jeff McDonald, Stevens

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Systems Engineering Experience Accelerator(SEEA)

Jon Wade & Alex Zhang, Stevens

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Engineered Resilient Systems

Tommer Ender, Georgia Tech

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Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes

Eren Sakinc

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Model-Centric UAV ISR Analysis

David Jacques, AFIT
Ray Madachy, NPS

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Design and Development Tools for the Systems Engineering Experience Accelerator

Doug Bodner, GA Tech, Rich Turner, Stevens & Jon Wade, Stevens

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3:15p–4:00p Agile Systems Engineering Management

Richard Turner, Stevens

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SERC Workshop Outbriefs

Blackburn, Hutchison, Sullivan, DeLaurentis

SERC Poster Session

Demo: SERC Mobile Immersion Lab and SERC Network Analysis and Visualization Project

Roger Blake, Stevens

4:00p-5:00p SERC Poster and Networking Session  Executive Advisory Board Meeting

[by Invitation only] (Boardroom)

Chair: Ms. Kristen Baldwin,

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering

Wrap Up
5:00p-5:15p Closing Remarks

Dr. Jon Wade, Chief Technology Officer and Research Council Member, SERC



SERC Collaboration

Research Activity

Student Posters:

Applications of Neural Network Modeling: Maximizing the Efficiency of the BESI System for Empowering the Caregivers of Persons with Dementia

Developing Usability Questionnaire to Evaluate the BESI System

Doctoral Student Posters:

Cybersecurity Decision Patterns as Adaptive Knowledge Encoding in Cybersecurity Operations

Identifying the Requirements and Design Variables for New Aircraft Considering Fleet-Level Objectives Under Uncertainties

Manufacturing Cost Prediction in the Presence of Categorical and Numeric Design Attributes

Resilience Analytics with Application to Power Grid of Developing Region

Self-Organizing Cooperative Dynamics in Government Extended Enterprises

SoS Explorer: A Tool for System of Systems Architecting

Human Capital Development (HCD)

The Technology Leadership Development Framework


Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation (SEMT)

Engineered Resilient Systems: Tradespace Tools Research

Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE)

Software Reliability Modeling

Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Centric Engineering (ARDEC)

Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Centric Engineering (NAVAIR)

USMC LogIT Portfolio Analysis

Enterprise and System of Systems (ESOS)

Assessing Development Disruptions and Dependencies in Analysis of Alternatives of System-of-Systems

Investigating Approaches to Achieve Modularity Benefits in the Acquisition Ecosystem