Barry Horowitz


Munster Professor of Systems and Information Engineering and Chair

Research Role: Research Council

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Dr. Horowitz is a SERC Research Council member in Trusted Systems and Principal Investigator of a 6 year long research project (Security Engineering). He is also the director for the UVa research site of the National Science Foundation sponsored Industry/University Cooperative Re- search Center called WICAT (Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology). Prior to UVa, he was president and CEO of the MITRE Corporation. He received the Air Force’s highest award for a civilian, is a member of the National Acad- emy of Engineering, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu honor societies, and was awarded the AFCEA Gold Medal of Engineering in 1990. Dr. Horowitz is currently serving as a member of the Naval Studies Board (NSB) of the National Academy of Science, and has participated as a panel mem- ber on a variety of studies conducted by the Defense Science Board, the Army Science Board and the National Academy of Engineering.

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