David Coe

David Coe, College of Engineering. (Michael Mercier/UAH).

David Coe, UAH


Associate Professor

Research Role: Researcher

Email Address: david.coe@uah.edu

SERC Researcher Dr. David J. Coe earned a BS in Computer Science from Duke University in 1989, and an MSEE from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1991. He earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2002 with his dissertation titled “Fabrication Technology Approaches to Micromachined Synthetic Jets”. In the fall of 2002, he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Alabama in Huntsville where he is currently an Associate Professor.

Dr. Coe’s research interests span the design, implementation, verification, and certification of complex cyber-physical systems. Specific areas of interest include software safety and security, model-based engineering, survivable critical systems, unmanned systems, and the design and fabrication of micro-machined sensors and actuators.

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