Mitchell Kerman


Director of Program Development and Transition, SERC

Research Role: Leadership

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As the Director of Program Development and Transition for the SERC, Dr. Mitchell Kerman oversees strategic communications and outreach to develop and nurture sponsorships, collaborative relationships and key external alliances with industry, government and academic institutions. He also promotes and expands the awareness of SERC programs and initiatives, such as the SERC Doctoral Fellows Program.

Dr. Kerman has a diverse background with extensive experience in computer modeling and simulation, operations analysis, systems engineering, engineering management and business development. In his prior position, he was a Business Development Manager for the Advanced Programs Group of Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training’s (MST) Integrated Warfare Systems & Sensors (IWSS) in Moorestown, NJ. He also has over 24 years of combined Navy active duty and reserve experience in submarine warfare, naval coastal warfare, coordination and guidance of merchant shipping, and NATO operations.

Dr. Kerman is the author of two textbooks on the topics of computation and introductory computer programming. He has written numerous articles published in technical journals and trade publications and taught graduate classes in operations analysis and systems engineering.

Dr. Kerman earned his bachelor’s in Computer Systems Engineering from Arizona State University, a master’s in Operations Analysis from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a doctorate in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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