SERC Advisory Board

Paul Kaminski
Chairman, SERC Advisory Board
President and CEO, Technovation

Dr. Paul Kaminski is the President and CEO of Technovation, a small consulting company that fosters innovation as well as the development of business and investment strategies related to advanced aerospace and defense technology. He is also Chairman of the boards of HRL Laboratories and Exostar, and has served on the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, the Director of National Intelligence's Senior Advisory Group, the FBI Director's Advisory Board, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Technical Advisory Board, the National Academies Air Force Studies Board, and the Atlantic Council. He is a retired Air Force colonel, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, an IEEE fellow, and an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics honorary fellow. Kaminski served as undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics from 1994-1997, and as chairman of the Defense Science Board from 2009-2014. The National Academy of Engineering and IEEE have both honored his pioneering contributions to the development of stealth aircraft and missiles, and satellite reconnaissance. He served until recently as chairman of RAND Corporation's Board of Trustees.

He is a graduate of the Air Force Academy, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.
Curtis M. Bedke
Major General, US Air Force (Retired)

Maj Gen Bedke is a defense aerospace and federal science and technology consultant, providing insights and solutions to both government and commercial organizations. He retired from the Air Force in 2010 with 32 years of experience in defense weapon systems science and technology, program acquisition, experimental flight test, operations, and command and control. From 2007 until his retirement, Gen Bedke was the Commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, responsible for the Air Force's $2.2 billion S&T program. Prior to his assignment at AFRL, he was the Commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center and was responsible for the safe test and evaluation of manned and unmanned aircraft systems. Before that, he was Director of the National Security Operations Center at the National Security Agency, where he directed the daily operations of the NSA’s quick-response crisis nerve center. He is the current record-holder for having had the most fun Air Force career, ever.

After retiring from the Air Force, Gen Bedke served as Vice President and General Manager for Science & Technology with High Performance Technologies, Inc. (HPTi), then Dynamics Research Corporation (DRC), and finally Engility, providing high performance computing (supercomputing) expertise for the federal government. He retired again in 2014 to consult independently, travel, and continue to expand his vast and eclectic collection of music.

Gen Bedke holds M.S. degrees in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (Stanford University) and National Resource Strategy (Industrial College of the Armed Forces), and he has a B.S. degree in Astronautical Engineering & Mathematics from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is an experimental test pilot and has flown 80 different models of aircraft. He lives with his wife, Ina, in Crystal City, Arlington, VA, where they love to entertain and pamper their guests.

Ted F. Bowlds
Lieutenant General, US Air Force (Retired)

Lieutenant General Ted F. Bowlds’ last assignment in the Air Force was as Commander of the Electronic System Center and Program Executive Office for Command and Control at Hanscom AFB, MA. The center's mission is to acquire command and control systems for the Air Force managing more than $3 billion in programs annually. The organization comprises more than 12,000 people located at six sites throughout the United States. Throughout his military career, General Bowlds has served in a variety of weapons system acquisition leadership positions to include flight test engineer on the F-117, director of avionics development for the B-2, program director of the C-17, and commander of the AF Research Laboratory. He is currently a member of the Mississippi State University Research and Technology Advisory Council and serves on Battelle’s Air Force Market Sector (AFMS) Senior Advisory Group.
Victoria Cox
Former Assistant Administrator for NextGen at the Federal Aviation Administration (Retired)

As the Federal Aviation Administration’s Assistant Administrator for NextGen, Victoria Cox led the transformation of the nation's air traffic control system with responsibility for the multi-billion dollar NextGen portfolio. A results driven strategic thinker and planner, she has a proven record as an innovator who develops solutions and delivers change. Since retiring from the FAA in 2013, she has served on various technical committees and has recently initiated a consulting practice.
Ruth David
President and CEO of Analytic Services Inc.

Dr. David is president and CEO of Analytic Services Inc. Prior to ANSER, she was Deputy Director for Science and Technology at the Central Intelligence Agency and was awarded the CIA’s Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the CIA Director’s Award, the Director of NSA Distinguished Service Medal, the NRO’s Award for Distinguished Service, and the Defense Intelligence Director’s Award. Dr. David is a senior fellow of the Defense Science Board, a member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, the National Security Agency Advisory Board, the Corporation for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc., and the Hertz Foundation Board. She was elected into the National Academy of Engineering in 2002 and currently serves as a councilor of the NAE, chairs the National Research Council (NRC) Board on Global Science and Technology, chairs the NRC Standing Committee on Technology Insight–Gauge, Evaluate, and Review (TIGER), and is a member of the Standing Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (COSEPUP).
Nick Justice
Major General, US Army (Retired)
Executive Director, PowerAmerica

Major General Nick Justice retired from the United States Army after serving over 42 years as an American Soldier. He began his Army career as an enlisted soldier. His experiences opened new doors in high performance computing, electronic warfare, telemetry analysis,telecommunications, as well as experiences in Legal and Leadership in the Infantry. Highlights of his career include assignments with NATO during Dessert Storm where he built Command and Control Systems; Project Manager for Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below fielding Command and Control Systems to American and Allied Forces during Operation Iraqi Freedom; Program Executive Officer for Tactical Command and Control Systems and the Commanding General of Research, Development, & Engineering Command at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

In January 2015, Maj. Gen. Justice was named the new Executive Director of PowerAmerica, the public-private power electronics manufacturing institute that will be located on NC State University’s Centennial Campus. PowerAmerica is funded by a $140 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The institute will unite academic, government and industry partners in an effort to revolutionize energy efficiency across a wide range of applications, including electronic devices, power grids and electric vehicles
David Long
President, Vitech Corporation
Former President, INCOSE

David Long was the 2014/2015 President of INCOSE. Mr. Long has served INCOSE since 1997 including a term as the Washington Metropolitan Area chapter president and international roles including Member Board Chair, Director for Communications, and Director for Strategy. He is a frequent presenter at industry events worldwide delivering keynotes and tutorials spanning introductory systems engineering, the advanced application of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), and the future of systems engineering. In 2006, Mr. Long received the prestigious INCOSE Founders Award in recognition of his many contributions to the organization.

For over twenty years, Mr. Long has focused on enabling, applying, and advancing MBSE to help transform the state of the systems engineering practice. Mr. Long is the founder and president of Vitech Corporation where he developed and commercialized CORE, a leading systems engineering software environment used around the world. Throughout his career, Mr. Long has played a key technical and management role in refining and extending systems engineering to expand the analysis and communication toolkit available to systems practitioners. His experiences and efforts led him to co-author the book A Primer for Model-Based Systems Engineering to help spread the fundamental concepts of this key approach to modern challenges. He continues to lead the Vitech team as they deliver innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations develop and deploy next-generation systems.

Mr. Long holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics, as well as a master's degree in Systems Engineering from Virginia Tech.
James Providakes
Director, Systems Engineering Technical Center, MITRE Corporation

Dr. James Providakes is the Director of the Systems Engineering Technical Center at MITRE Corporation. Prior to this role, Dr. Providakes was the Executive Director of the Army Program Directorate in the C2 Center. He was responsible for the success of the Army ceiling program within the Army contract to include its partnerships, as well as staff development within the internal Army Program Directorate. Prior to this assignment, Dr. Providakes was the Technical Director of the Center for Innovative Computing and Informatics Technology Center, responsible for directing the technology capabilities development for Data Information and Knowledge Technologies, Communications/Networks, Modeling & Simulations, Architectures, Computing and Software, Analysis Decision Support and Applied Information, and Human Language Processing. Dr. Providakes earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 1990, his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1981, and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1979. His professional honors include Eta Kappa Nu (1979).
Steve Rottler
Vice President, California Laboratory & Energy, Climate and Infrastructure Security Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. J. Stephen (Steve) Rottler is Vice President of Sandia’s California laboratory and serves as lead for the Laboratories’ Energy, Climate, and Infrastructure Security business unit. The California laboratory’s principal programs include nuclear weapons stewardship; homeland security with a focus on defending against weapons of mass destruction; combustion, transportation and hydrogen energy research; biology; and advanced computational and information systems.

William M. Shepherd
Captain, US Navy (Retired), NASA Astronaut (Retired), Science Advisor, US Special Operations Command (Former)

Capt Shepherd is a retired Navy SEAL and United States Astronaut. He was a SEAL platoon commander and operations officer. Shepherd was selected for the NASA astronaut corps in 1984. He completed three flights as a mission specialist on STS-27 Atlantis, STS-41 Discovery, and STS-52 Columbia, and was the commander of the Expedition-1 crew on the International Space Station. In1993, Capt Shepherd was assigned as the Program Manager for the International Space Station. He retired from active duty in 2002, and served as USSOCOM from 2008 to 2011 as Science Advisory, where he managed the Special Operations Forces’ science and technology portfolio. Capt Shepherd’s awards include the National Intelligence Metal, NASA’s “Steve Thorne” Airmanship Award, the komarov Diploma, The Spirit of St. Louis Medal, the Gagarin Gold Medal, the Robert H. Goddard Trophy, and the Congressional Space medal of Honor. Capt Shepherd was recently designed “Honorary naval Aviator Number30” by the Chief of Naval Air Warfare.
The Honorable Michael Wynne
21st Secretary of the Air Force (Retired), Emeritus member and former Chairman of the SERC Advisory Board

Mr. Wynne currently serves as a senior advisor to the President of The Stevens Institute, and is an emeritus member and former Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Systems Engineering Research Center. He was the 21st Secretary of the Air Force, and before that the Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics in the office of the Secretary of Defense, both spanning 2001 to 2008. He served in the Air Force for seven years, finishing as assistant professor of Astronautics at the Air Force Academy. He spent three years with Lockheed Martin Corp as the general manager for Space Launch, and 23 years with General Dynam- ics working in aircraft, armored vehicles, and the space division. He retired as senior vice president from General Dynamics.