SERC Doctoral Fellows

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jorge buenfil photo Jorge Buenfil
ARDEC-Picatinny Arsenal SERC Doctoral Fellow

Jorge Buenfil received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Political Science from the National University of Mexico (UNAM), a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Applied Mathematics and Systems Research Institute (IIMAS-UNAM), and a M.E. in Systems Engineering from Iowa State University.
Mr. Buenfil is conducting research on detection of threats in an area monitored by an adaptive network of fully automated sensors with human supervision. Threats of interest currently are improvised explosives and weapons. ​

JoshGoldschmidJosh Goldschmid
Boeing SERC Doctoral Fellow

Mr. Goldschmid's research will create a theoretical framework to understand the behavior of large scale complex engineering programs and use biological system approaches (i.e. Genetic programming) to measure what information is most valuable when shared between scales and across disciplines in a system.

WHarknessWilliam Harkness
Boeing SERC Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Harkness' research hypothesis proposes a creative and innovative approach in system engineering architecture by creating a unifying innovation principle governed by design decomposition (genetic programming), facet-wise models (fuzzy logic), and integration utilizing dimensional analysis (modeling & simulation) over the entire life-cycle. This method evolves a mainstay and familiar concept known as set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE) into a system capable of handling complex architectures.

JPeirsonJulie Peirson
Boeing SERC Doctoral Fellow

Aircraft design is a set of complex design efforts that span multiple years with significant financial investment. Systems integration is a large component of aircraft design in terms of dollars as well as schedule, and improvements in systems integration can yield significant cost savings and reduced schedule flows. Ms. Peirson's research focuses on the systems integration aspects of aircraft design in order to reduce costs.

Program Graduates
Robert Pitsko Robert Pitsko
MITRE SERC Doctoral Fellow

Dr. Robert Pitsko received a B.S. in Computer Science from the Pennsylvania State University and the M.E. in Systems Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He received a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering (Complex Systems) from Stevens Institute of Technology as the SERC MITRE Doctoral Fellow.

Dr. Pitsko's professional and research activities emphasize systems engineering and design with a focus on conceptual design evaluation, adaptability, complex system design and system architecture, and system of systems engineering