Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation (SEMT)

Affordability and Value in Systems

Assessing Systems Engineering Effectiveness in Major Defense Acquisition Programs

Contingency Basing

Development and Application of FACT Portfolio Management Capability; Framework for Assessing Cost and Technology (FACT)

Development and Application of the Framework for Assessing Cost and Technology (FACT) to Support USMC Ground Vehicle Design Analysis

Engineered Resilient Systems: Systems Engineering Knowledge Capture and transfer

Engineered Resilient Systems Tradespace Tools

Enterprise Architecture Tradespace Analysis

Flexible Vehicle SE and Integration

Next-Generation Cost Estimation and Metrics for Software-Intensive Systems

System Readiness Level, System Maturity and Architecture Assessment

Tradespace and Affordability

Valuing Flexibility for Complex Engineering Systems

Virtual Collaborative Environment for Conducting Project Design and Tests

Quantitative Risk

Software Reliability Modeling

Quantitative Technical Risk

Agile Systems Engineering

Agile SE Enablers and Quantification Project

Expedited Systems Engineering

Agile-Lean Software Engineering Evaluating Kanban in Systems Engineering

Life Cycle Systems Engineering Needs for Evolutionary Acquisition

Evaluation of Systems Engineering Methods, Processes and Tools on Department of Defense and Intelligence Community Programs

Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE)

Electronic Product Data Management (ePDM) to Improve Design Producibility, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Sustainability

Communications Effects Server Model

Graphical Concept of Operations

Defining the Meaning of a Major Modeling and Simulation Change as Applied to Accreditation

Integration of Modeling and Simulation, Software Design and DoDAF

Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE) Program

Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Centric Engineering [NAVAIR] 

Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Based Systems Engineering [ARDEC]

Modular Reconfigurable Architecture for Tailored Rapid SE Artifact Generation and Dissemination

Verification, Validation, and Accreditation Shortfalls for Models and Simulations

Systems Engineering M&S Integration Framework in Digital Thread

Systems Engineering M&S Integration Framework in Digital Thread

Future of Systems Engineering

Systems 2020

SE Transformation Roadmap