Today: SERC Talks! “What Lives at the Intersection of MOSA (Modular Open System Architecture) and Set-Based Design?”

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In today’s SERC Talks! “What Lives at the Intersection of MOSA (Modular Open System Architecture) and Set-Based Design?”, Dr. Gary Witus will be discussing Modular Open System Acquisition, Set Based Design, and Model-Based Systems Engineering. Please register if you have not already done so, and plan to join us today at 1 PM EST.


NOTE: All Talks will be broadcast on WebEx. Review these system requirements to assure your connection to the webinar will be uninterrupted.  If you have any trouble with this platform,
please contact us.

For all those joining us by telephone only and are unable to view the presentation in real-time, please follow along with the slides and send all questions and comments related to the Talk in real-time to Dr. Mitchell Kerman. All others can submit their questions via the Q & A module and comments via the chat module throughout the webinar.


More information on SERC Talks can be found here. Thank you!